What does your product journey look like?

Most of us do not really have an idea how our product journey looks like. We are perfectly aware of our customer journey and how to work towards the perfect customer journey for our customers. Why don’t we ever think about the product journey? There are a lot of problems that can occur during this process. Especially when we have to import and export products from across the globe. Is there also a way to do this with more sustainability?

Mapping the product journey

When we look at the product journey we use mapping. You can think about the circularity of a product. Circularity really means rethinking a linear use cycle of your product or service with a beginning, middle, and end. A product that is truly circular will never actually have an end. It is able to reuse the product continuously. What can go wrong and how can we develop a better product journey?

  • How long is the intended use phase initially for the product or service? Can we extend this phase?
  • Did we ever think about keeping the products as fresh as possible and use sustainable elements such as a cool container?
  • Can we lower any costs for moving products from one place to another?

Sustainability in the product journey

Of course it is possible to think in a more sustainable way. Nowadays we see more and more companies trying out new ways of ordering elements and more. You can call a product sustainable when it’s imported not too far away. For example, your company is in The Netherlands. The production of your products should be somewhere in Europe therefore there will be less carbon dioxide. The duration of the ride is much shorter, the working conditions are a lot of better than what we know in third world companies and more.

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