The benefits of a document holder

Input work requires that you always look at the documents with data. When the documents are in front of you, you must always stretch your neck muscles to be able to look at the documents properly. If the documents are next to you, you must always turn your head. This creates static muscle tension. Nowadays, the Document Holder is indispensable in an ergonomically designed workplace. Document holders solves this problem!

Advantages of document holder

With a document holder you can see both your screen and your documents at a glance. This is due to the place on the desk where the document holder is (between keyboard and screen) and the angle that the document holder makes. In addition to the fact that working with a document holder is pleasant, the Working Conditions Act also mentions that a document holder is necessary when working with loose documents. A document holder must be placed in such a way that uncomfortable head and eye movements are kept to a minimum.

By using an ergonomic document holder you can work more ergonomically and comfortably

Reading documents on a computer workplace is often done in the wrong way. Often the neck and back are turned to be able to read documents, which can lead to RSI complaints and neck or shoulder pain. By using an ergonomic document holder or concept holder you can prevent or reduce these complaints.

A document holder is placed between the keyboard and screen. The neck and back do not need to be turned unnecessarily and the physical strain is greatly reduced.

In addition, you will suffer less from tired eyes and headaches, because the viewing distance is shortened and you work in one line.

Your paperwork is also better organized, which will save you more time and thus work more efficiently.

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