For these conditions and diseases, medicinal weed offers a solution!

Cannabis has been proven to be a wonderful plant that can be used to cure many diseases and conditions, or at least offer some relief. This single plant is responsible as a remedy for so many ailments, and in this article we will go through some of them with you.


The number of people diagnosed with autism has been steadily increasing and is in fact rising faster than ever. The disorders of autism are related to immune functions, areas that control inflammation and social interactions. Fortunately, there is anecdotal evidence that suggest that cannabis oil can make a significant difference with such disorders. Namely, because it calms and brings structure to the often chaotic brain of someone suffering from autism. Furthermore, cannabis oil is said to help with uncontrollable tics many people with autism suffer from.

Bone fractures

Research from the Tel Aviv university in 2015 found that CBD oil can help strengthen bone tissue after a bone fracture. Although this study was conducted in animal models, it was found that bones exposed to CBD after a fracture were 35 to 50 percent stronger than bones in untreated animals. Other studies have also been conducted to underline this effect.


Studies have shown that both type I and type II diabetes can respond positively to cannabis. Actually, there is mounting evidence in favour of using cannabis against diabetes. For instance, CBD has been shown to reduce pancreatic inflammation in animal models, while there is scientific evidence that concludes that cannabis uses are less likely to develop diabetes. Furthermore, cannabis consumption has also been associated with smaller waistlines, lower fasting insulin levels, and improved insulin sensitivity. Thus, it can be concluded that cannabis promotes the balance in the body that diabetes is trying to de-construct.

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